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    An Inside Sales team is like an engine – it requires constant fine-tuning.
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Account-Based Sales Development eBooks

Breaking Down Doors

This guide to Account-Based Sales Development explains why savvy companies are using Inside Sales teams to generate greater pipeline, improve sales velocity and create higher Average Sales Price. Learn how to build an ABSD engine.

How to Build a Successful Sales Development Team

This step-by-step guide is a great resource for creating a strong sales development team. Learn insights about every aspect of setting up front-line Sales Development Reps for success.

A Lead’s Journey to Find the Right Home

Leads are the lifeblood to every business. Read about the best strategies of routing and converting to ensure your organization extracts the maximum value of each and every lead.

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Learn how LeanData solved Salsify’s significant lead routing challenges by automatically evaluating 5,000 leads a month. LeanData matches leads to existing accounts in the Salsify database and round-robins net-new leads among sales reps for fair distribution.

How LeanData Helps

Account Scoring

LeanData’s takes account intelligence to the next level. Surface your highest priority accounts and ensure both sales and marketing have complete visibility of coveted targets.

Next Generation Router

LeanData’s Next Generation Router is transforming the way businesses think about lead management. Learn more about how LeanData takes the mystery out of routing with a first-of-its-kind visual representation of your lead flow.


You can uncover the hidden connections in your Salesforce database with LeanData’s best-in-class fuzzy matching. Explore how matching ensures visibility into all activity within accounts.

In Their Own Words

“LeanData has become an essential tool for our ops team to deliver the right lead to the right rep.”

Sean Passanisi
Sean PassanisiSales Operations

“The best solution in the market place – hands down.”

Rick Vaughan
Rick VaughanSales Operations Manager
Distil Networks

“In short, our ABM strategy would fall apart without LeanData.”

Albert Li
Albert LiSenior Marketing Operations Manager