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    It’s critical that businesses trust their reporting.
    LeanData provides the most accurate
    attribution data on the market.

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Measure What You Have Accomplished

Did you remove all the barriers and create a good customer experience? The only way you can answer those questions is with accurate reporting. That way, you can create a repeatable, scalable sales process. But most businesses don’t trust their reporting. LeanData changes the game.

Marketing Touch Object

LeanData’s Marketing Touch object provides a new link between previously unconnected objects. This allows you to analyze leads, contacts, accounts, campaigns and opportunities in a single report – including all of your own custom objects.

This determines what factors truly influenced a deal and provides the most accurate view of marketing influence possible.

Opportunity Timeline

Visualize the effects of individual campaigns and opportunities with LeanData’s View on Campaigns and Opportunities. Show the entire team how sales and marketing work together to close deals.

Easily Customizable
Attribution Model

An easily customizable wizard allows you to filter relevant campaign touches, opportunities or types of leads. You decide what are the most valuable touches for your business.

Advanced settings allow you to further customize your attribution model to match the needs of your business. Apply an easy-to-use weighting model to ensure low-quality touches don’t receive disproportional attribution.

Filter Relevant Touches

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.11.40 PM

Customize Weighting

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.15.02 PM

Reports in Any Form

You can also design your own dashboard with the business intelligence tool of your choice such as Tableau, Birst and Domo. LeanData’s custom object can be pulled into your visualization platform via native Salesforce APIs. Or you can use native Salesforce Lightning.

Either way, you can easily slice and dice the data in a manner that makes sense for your business – all within a familiar user interface.