“You Can’t Build a Walled Garden”

Like most movements, this one is starting quietly. There are growing pockets of discontent. People are grumbling about how there has to be a better way and that change needs to happen. While this budding revolution might not yet involve pitchforks and lighted torches, something big clearly is happening. Sales and marketing professionals are increasingly […]

Importance of Technology Stack Synergies

All too often, it’s considered a “bonus” when sales-and-marketing solutions work well together. But why isn’t there a clear expectation that all tools in a technology stack should integrate seamlessly? And better yet, shouldn’t they boost the value of one another for customers? That observation was a key takeaway in a webinar that focused on […]

It Can Be a Mistake to Build It Yourself

We’re talking about designing your own lead management solution. And, yes, maybe that headline is a little provocative. Operations professionals and software developers don’t like to be told that they shouldn’t do something. They’re smart innovators who love the challenge of overcoming difficult problems. That explains their well-deserved sense of confidence about being able to […]