You Had a Great Event . . . Now What?

The fall conference season is about to kick into high gear. That’s important at LeanData because, like many B2B technology companies, we see trade shows as a huge part of our Demand Generation strategy. And the biggest event of all is looming in November — Dreamforce. We’ve been planning for the big show almost from […]

The Lean Technology Stack

Masha Finkelstein has a simple philosophy when it comes to evaluating software solutions to boost her marketing efforts. Less is more. “I’m always thinking about ways to better optimize my tech stack,” said Finkelstein, the director of demand generation at BetterWorks. “So the more I can do with less, the better. That saves budget and […]

Navigating the World of MarTech Tools

Evan Liang has a background in venture capital, so he’s no stranger to epic boom-bust cycles of the tech world. He has learned, sometimes the hard way, that what expands quickly can also pivot 180 degrees and shrink just as fast — sometimes even faster. So he doesn’t get overly excited during good times or especially […]

The View from TOPO: Lead Routing Matters

Research firm TOPO specializes in studying the fastest-growing companies in the world, looking for common traits that they share, and then using those lessons to help clients scale their own businesses. And there’s one question that Craig Rosenberg, the Chief Analyst at TOPO, gets asked over and over. What can our business do to quickly […]

How Much is Too Much in MarTech?

There was a moment, about 18 months ago, when Scott Brinker thought we finally might be approaching “Peak MarTech.” Brinker is the creator of the Marketing Technology Landscape, which has become tech’s version of Where’s Waldo? Back then, his supergraphic checked in at 3,000-plus companies that sold marketing-related software solutions. This monster can’t keep growing, Brinker […]

Operations Is Taking Over the Business World

Operations professionals are in high demand. Yes, you’re shocked. (Shocked!) As if you didn’t already know that good operations people are worth their weight in gold. But now InsightSquared and LinkedIn have added some fascinating metrics that show just how ravenous the business world has become for Ops talent. Consider this number: 60,000. That’s how […]