LeanData automation makes lead routing scalable and sophisticated

“Before LeanData, we knew leads were slipping through the cracks,” Alexander added. “As inbound demand grew, it was tough to keep response time tight. We needed a scalable system where we could maintain a high pace of growth, define teams, and everything like round robins and territories would just work.

BetterWorks engineers a MarTech stack for optimal results

BetterWorks is an innovator in Account-Based Marketing, leveraging ON24’s engagement-driven webinars to generate high-quality leads in coveted target accounts and LeanData’s lead management automation to convert them to contacts for 360-degree visibility into those accounts.

LeanData fuels a dynamic Go-To-Market strategy

LeanData transformed lead assignment at Uberflip by enabling the business to create an innovative workflow that meets its needs and increases the speed of sales team follow-up using real-time routing. As Uberflip has continued to grow, LeanData’s flexible solution has evolved to overcome new challenges. “We really didn’t have any kind of lead-routing system before LeanData,” said Osama Ahmad, CRM and Marketing Operations Manager. “LeanData helped facilitate a lead routing process that makes sense for us.”

Comparison of top solutions leads prominent flash data storage company to select LeanData for marketing attribution that it can trust.

A well-known, publicly traded flash storage company had grown rapidly. But as the business scaled, the executive team increasingly struggled to measure marketing’s influence.

The company executed a wide variety of marketing and sales campaigns, such as online ads, webinars, channel partner programs, events and tradeshows that touched buyers at various stages of the buyer’s journey. Moreover, they were selling to large buying teams instead of single buyers. A reporting model was needed to accurately calculate the ROI of all of these efforts and make the best decisions for allocating resources.

How LeanData helps ON24 scale rapidly by meeting the global company’s complex lead management challenges

With LeanData, ON24 stopped leveraging Salesforce assignment rules and turned over lead routing to LeanData automation. That has solved the challenges presented by ON24’s rapid expansion and global reach. “A process that was so messy when I arrived is now running smoothly,” Dugan said. “That’s why I was so grateful for LeanData to come in and figure out lead routing for us.”

We see LeanData as a critical piece of our larger strategy to make us more productive and efficient

Bluewolf, an IBM Company, is an award-winning Salesforce consulting agency that designs and builds solutions to produce memorable customer and employee experiences. Bluewolf has delivered more than 10,000 successful projects for clients using a patented, technology-driven method that supports a faster time to market and measurable results. In addition, Bluewolf’s annual The State of Salesforce Report is the industry standard in providing insights on how businesses can get the most from the CRM.

LeanData has saved us countless days of manual data entry and cross-referencing.

SalesLoft is an innovative Modern Sales engagement Platform allowing modern sales professionals to reach prospects faster and more e ectively. SalesLoft has led a growth surge in the vibrant Atlanta technology community by doubling the number of employees, adding more than 1,000 new customers and seeing Annual Recurring Revenue increase by a remarkable 5,000 percent since early 2015. Among the high-growth businesses that rely on SalesLoft to close more deals are Cisco, Dell and Hortonworks. SalesLoft is moving forward as an acknowledged industry leader in the evolving tech landscape with a mission of sharing sales best practices, a greater understanding of account-based sales engagement as well as innovative growth strategies.

It opens the door so you can do lots of creative things that weren’t possible before.

Datadog, one of the technology sector’s hottest companies, has seen explosive growth over the past year – doubling revenue and number of employees. LeanData has played a key role in helping Datadog scale the business by automating and streamlining the lead distribution process. This has achieved numerous benefits that include improved productivity by sales reps, time savings for the sales operations team, improved data accuracy and unprecedented visibility into all the activities within coveted accounts.

“LeanData enables admins to do a ton of things,” said Hacer “Haja” Demiroers, director of sales operations at Datadog. “It’s not just routing leads. It gives us better reporting. It opens the door so you can do lots of creative things that weren’t possible before.”

LeanData has been able to help us with a variety of challenges

Gigamon implemented LeanData’s lead management solutions to improve many aspects of the demand generation process. LeanData gives Gigamon the ability to extract more value from leads, provide better campaign reporting, and drive efficiencies through automation, which benefits both marketing and sales.

“LeanData has been able to help us with a variety of challenges,” said Danita Fleck, the Manager of Marketing Operations. “Everything from more effectively mapping and routing prospect leads to converting partner leads, while allowing us to report marketing’s influence on the pipeline much more accurately. The LeanData team has been able to guide us to implement best practices and help us tweak our processes.”

LeanData is fundamentally necessary

LeanData helps Datanyze orchestrate an ideal sales process by automating lead management. LeanData evaluates all leads entering Datanyze’s Salesforce instance, matches them with corresponding leads and accounts in the database, and then routes each one to the correct owner. This provides Datanyze with time and labor savings as well as improved data accuracy. Leads always reach the proper team member so Datanyze can create the best possible customer experience.

How Host Analytics operationalizes intelligent workflows

Host Analytics, a leader in cloud-based financial applications, knows a thing or two about making data actionable. Its executives run the company with a “math of the business” approach, determining the metrics they need to hit using reverse waterfall calculations. This starts with annual recurring revenue (ARR) and average selling price (ASP) targets, and cascades up to precise goals for how many deals, pipeline opportunities (at each stage), and ultimately Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) they need to hit each month.

Eliminate confusion around lead-management

For Salsify, LeanData automatically evaluates around 5,000 leads each month. Inbound leads are automatically matched to corresponding accounts or similar leads already in Salsify’s Salesforce database. Net-new leads are routed to a round-robin system for fair distribution among Salsify’s front-line Business Development Representatives. This ensures that leads always receive prompt, correct follow-up and that Salsify is getting the most out of every lead.

We 100% rely on LeanData

LeanData automatically routes Castlight’s eligible inbound leads to the correct sales reps based on Lead-to-Account matching and routing rules. Prior to using LeanData, 67 percent of leads entering Castlight’s system that matched accounts could not be routed and were assigned using unsophisticated, inefficient Salesforce assignment rules – often ending up in a default queue.

Now with LeanData, only 6 percent of inbound leads with an account match default to those Salesforce rules. This means Inside Sales Reps now are receiving an additional 400 leads per month – without costly and frustrating delays – from the accounts they are working.

In Their Own Words

“We use LeanData for the ability to see account level data on leads and then use that data for routing.  This function is so necessary, I am surprised Salesforce hasn’t built it into their product.  I highly recommend LeanData to any admin!”

Brooke Treseder
Brooke TresederSales Ops Manager

“LeanData provides Holy Grail-like advances in efficiency and time-management for my SDRs.  It has given several hours back each day to my SDRs.”

Lars Nilsson
Lars NilssonVP of Global Inside Sales

“I see LeanData as a necessity. The alternative is just such a waste of time. Standard Salesforce lead routing was not an option because it just doesn’t work very well. ”

Dhiraj Singh
Dhiraj SinghInside Sales and Operations Manager