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    LeanData’s robust matching algorithm reveals
    unseen relationships within your Salesforce database

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See What You’ve
Been Missing

It’s not easy shepherding a large buying committee with multiple stakeholders toward a purchase decision.

LeanData’s proprietary fuzzy matching algorithm works within your Salesforce instance, finding the connections between data objects that you didn’t know existed. So your sales team can drive consensus from confusion.

Matching Algorithm

Domain-only matching can result in both bad matches and missed matches.

LeanData’s algorithms solves those problems by utilizing multiple fields on each record to identify the highest fidelity matches.

Our algorithms perform at an accuracy rate greater than 95 percent where a match exists.


Fuzzy matching often produces several potential corresponding accounts. But this is where LeanData has gone further than any other matching solution on the market.

We provide customizable tiebreakers to determine which account is the best match. This allows you to navigate complex parent-child hierarchies as well as control for duplicate accounts.

With our tiebreakers, your data doesn’t have to be perfect to ensure accurate routing.

A Better View of the Account-Based World

LeanData’s View is a Visualforce plugin that allows users to see matching results in real-time. Sales teams can see duplicates or related leads, contact or accounts. This way, they spend less time on research and administrative tasks – and more time selling.

A Match Made in

LeanData is a certified Salesforce AppExchange partner. Our matching algorithm is built into your Salesforce instance. You have peace of mind knowing that all your workflows and security settings are respected and nothing is ever imported or exported by LeanData. All of your information is safe and secure within your Salesforce environment.