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LeanData Routing helps sales, marketing and operations teams collaborate and easily build complex lead and contact distribution flows with a visual drag-and-drop interface. This enables great buying experiences for prospects, helps you realize the full potential of your leads, and gives you the ability to quickly adapt to changes in your go-to-market strategy.


See real-time routing insights and audit logs to visualize and optimize your Routing rules

Rethink How Contacts Are Managed in Salesforce

LeanData transforms the way businesses think about managing contacts within Salesforce. With LeanData, businesses can design a routing process for contacts that is flexible, customizable and scalable.

  • Focus Sales on the most relevant Contacts for better targeting
  • Faster sales cycle by responding immediately to re-engaging contacts
  • Leverage lost opportunities in the system to win new deals
  • Track impact of marketing campaigns on re-engaging existing contacts

No More
Assignment Rules

Salesforce is a wonderful CRM. But we don’t need to tell you that traditional Salesforce rules are difficult to manage and provide little visibility into the action taken on your leads.

LeanData eliminates the need for building and maintaining those complicated rules by accurately and automatically routing leads to the right place.

Native SalesforceLeanData
Visual Workflow
Simplified Lead Routing
Fuzzy Matching
Easy Problem Diagnosis
Account-Based Flow


Geo-Based Flow


Changes with Your Business

Whatever strategic initiative your company is looking to implement, LeanData’s routing platform can be easily configured to support your objectives. Account-Based Marketing. Geo-based territories. Industry-based assignment. Or something else entirely. If you can dream it, LeanData can make it happen.

Trusted by Leading Security Companies

LeanData is a Gold ISV Salesforce Partner. As a 100% Native app, your data remains safe and secure within the CRM environment. Nothing ever enters or leaves your system. With built-in auditing and logging capabilities, you can easily troubleshoot any issues and identify areas to improve your routing.

Our CompetitorsLeanData
Data remains within Salesforce
No API Calls
Full Logging and Auditing
Deployment/Version History

Ensure Fairness for your Sales Team

LeanData’s ability to round-robin leads allows you to create a fair system that provides equal opportunities for everyone on the team and success for the business. LeanData’s intelligent lead routing that ensures equal distribution of top-quality prospects.

Build Vs. Buy

We know companies that have tried to build a routing process internally. They are current LeanData customers because they discovered their in-house solution was inadequate and couldn’t evolve quickly enough with their business. Keep your team focused on moving the business forward and let the LeanData team handle your routing.

ComparisonInternal SolutionLeanData
Business process mappingPriority order w/static rulesFlow diagram w/dynamic rules
Change order turnaround2-6 months3-7 days
MatchingManual w/domain onlyAlgorithmic w/fuzzy matching
Processing timeHours/OvernightReal time (less than 5 minutes)
ReportingNative SFDC reportsFull Visibility w/ drill down
CostSDR, sales ops, AE time, Consultants, Salesforce DevelopersSubscription Pricing