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    Every organization is searching for a more efficient, scalable and repeatable sales process.
    Learn more about how you can achieve that goal by using automated lead management as the
    foundation for maximizes the impact of your sales and marketing efforts.

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Orchestrating the Customer Experience

It’s a challenge for businesses to ensure that the right person in your organization is reaching out to customers at the right time with the right information. This guide explains why sophisticated lead management is crucial for businesses to grow and thrive.

The End of Growth at All Cost

All the discussion about “unicorns” in the tech industry has slowed down because smart businesses now are focused on sustainable growth. Learn more about it’s imperative for companies to get the most from their sales and marketing spend as the gusher of venture capital slows.

The Sales Operations Playbook According to Sales Operations Professionals

Leading Sales Ops practitioners from companies like Uber, HubSpot and MongoDB share insights into how they’re building systems that set up their sales teams for success.

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LeanData Announces Series B Funding Round Led by Sapphire Ventures

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — (Dec. 20, 2016) LeanData, a leader in sophisticated lead management, announced…


While it’s crucial for software solutions to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, they must also “play well” with other tools in your stack. Learn how LeanData works hand-and-glove with predictive analytics solution Infer to drive success at HostAnalytics.

How LeanData Helps

Next Generation Router

LeanData’s Next Generation Router is transforming the way businesses think about lead management. Learn more about how LeanData takes the mystery out of routing with a first-of-its-kind visual representation of your lead flow.


You can uncover the hidden connections in your Salesforce database with LeanData’s best-in-class fuzzy matching. Explore how matching ensures visibility into all activity within accounts.

Attribution and Reporting

LeanData allows you to trust your data again. Learn how LeanData’s Marketing Touch Object gives marketers an accurate picture of their database by creating a link between previously unconnected data within Salesforce.

In Their Own Words

“My favorite part about LeanData is their eagerness to truly help their customers. There is zero hesitation to jump on a call with little notice in order to help solve a complicated problem. This includes their CEO and other executives who have happily met with customers in order to learn their needs and how customers are interacting with the product.”

Justin Alioto
Justin AliotoMarketing Operations Specialist

“LeanData figured out an algorithm that literally saves us hundreds of man-hours. We now have a way to identify if our inbound leads already have relevant accounts in our system. LeanData helps us convert our leads into contacts and routes them to the appropriate sales rep.”

Ashley Richardson
Ashley RichardsonDirector of Digital Marketing

“Be Ambitious. They can handle it.”

Mitch Janning
Mitch JanningGlobal Marketing Operations Specialist