• The Rise of Sales Operations

    The role of Sales Operations is expanding as organizations become more data-driven.
    Stay current in a fast-changing world where Sales Ops professionals are building high-performing
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Sales Operations eBooks

The Sales Operations Playbook According to Sales Operations Professionals

Leading Sales Ops practitioners from companies like Uber, HubSpot and MongoDB share insights into how they’re building systems that set up their sales teams for success.

How to Get What You Want

Sales Ops specialists sometimes struggle to persuade their businesses to purchase needed technology. This guide explains a sure-fire strategy to successfully sell the value of a solution within your company.

Orchestrating the Customer Experience

It’s a challenge for businesses to ensure that the right person in your organization is reaching out to customers at the right time with the right information. This guide explains why sophisticated lead management is crucial for businesses to grow and thrive.

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LeanData is Fundamentally Necessary

LeanData helps Datanyze orchestrate an ideal sales process by automating lead management. LeanData evaluates all leads entering Datanyze’s Salesforce instance, matches them with corresponding leads and accounts in the database, and then routes each one to the correct owner. This provides Datanyze with time and labor savings as well as improved data accuracy. Leads always reach the proper team member so Datanyze can create the best possible customer experience.

How LeanData Helps

Next Generation Router

LeanData’s Next Generation Router is transforming the way businesses think about lead management. Learn more about how LeanData takes the mystery out of routing with a first-of-its-kind visual representation of your lead flow.


You can uncover the hidden connections in your Salesforce database with LeanData’s best-in-class fuzzy matching. Explore how matching ensures visibility into all activity within accounts.

Attribution and Reporting

LeanData allows you to trust your data again. Learn how LeanData’s Marketing Touch Object gives marketers an accurate picture of their database by creating a link between previously unconnected data within Salesforce.

In Their Own Words

“LeanData fills a gap in Salesforce.com’s Lead to Account/Contact schema and makes it easy for us to connect the dots.”

Deb Weller
Deb WellerApplication Development Manager

“At its core, LeanData allows an organization to overcome the great architectural divide of Salesforce – the split between Leads and Contacts/Accounts. In a B2B context, this is hugely important as your typical buying profile is not an individual person within a company, but a multi-person and multi-step buying committee that requires a more strategic approach.”

Travis Henry
Travis HenryMarketing Manager

“We use LeanData for the ability to see account level data on leads and then use that data for routing.  This function is so necessary, I am surprised Salesforce hasn’t built it into their product.  I highly recommend LeanData to any admin!”

Brooke Treseder
Brooke TresederDirector of Sales Operations