Technology and data clearly play a critical role, but the human element can’t be ignored. Sales and marketing teams need to work in tandem as a single revenue-focused unit in order to perform at their best.

Proven leader in
demand management

LeanData supports all go-to-market strategies, including account-based marketing, account-based sales development, geo-based territories and more.

With over 75 million leads processed, LeanData powers sales at the world’s most innovative businesses, from fast-scaling startups to established companies.


Leads processed



Next generation

  • Visual, intuitive workflow native to Salesforce

    See your entire lead flow in one easy interface

  • Drag and drop to route your leads

    Quickly configure your routing flow: no code needed

  • A single source of truth for sales and marketing

    Know exactly where each lead is in your sales process

Best in class

  • The most powerful matching in the industry

    Fuzzy matching algorithms match leads to accounts with ease

  • Matches using multiple fields in Salesforce

    No more errors from domain-only matching

  • Customizable tiebreakers

    Plan for duplicate accounts or parent/child hierarchies

Transparent reporting and attribution

  • See which campaigns actually influence deals

    Connect previously unlinked objects and data points with LeanData’s Marketing Touch object

  • Your complete buyers’ journey, revealed

    Link leads, contacts, campaigns and custom objects to opportunities

  • Unparalleled clarity

    Unlock the true influence of marketing on your revenue

Book 40% more meetings

That’s exactly what Bluewolf, an IBM Company, did with LeanData. An award-winning Salesforce consulting agency, Bluewolf was spending hours manually routing leads. Moreover, reps weren’t seeing all the interactions with stakeholders in accounts. That’s where LeanData’s fuzzy matching algorithm came in, helping Bluewolf streamline its lead flow, book 40% more meetings, and increase sales productivity by 20%.

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