The LeanData® Revenue Ops platform enables Revenue teams (marketing, sales, customer, and partner ops) to manage all go-to-market motions.

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Inbound, outbound, account-based, channel, demand unit waterfall, no matter what go-to-market motions B2B enterprises engage in, LeanData is making it simple to accelerate time-to-revenue and drive growth.

April 2 - New York
May 13 - Boston
Nov 19-21 San Francisco

The only conference by — and for — Revenue Ops professionals! The OpsStars multi-city conference series will bring together B2B leaders in Sales Ops, Marketing Ops and Customer Ops into a single place. Come join market experts and your peers on the Journey to Revenue Operations!

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Go-To-Market Execution

Do you lose deals and suffer from low conversions because everyone is operating in their own siloes? Ensure your revenue team works like a single, well-oiled machine. With LeanData’s Routing and Matching products your teams leverage a slick, optimized tech ecosystem with the CRM at its core.


You lose deals due to incorrect lead assignment.

LeanData was able to help UserTesting’s sales ops team quickly visualize their lead flows, and iterate on-the-fly as needed. All after a quick and easy same-day deployment.

Alec DavisDirector of Business Systems

Connect prospects to your best sales reps and close deals faster.

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Disconnected datasets in your CRM cost you money.

LeanData allows us to capture all of our [sales and marketing] data and allow our executives to choose how to spend our money in the most effective way possible.

Laura KornackaSr. Sales Operations Manager

Build a connected sales and marketing engine with our industry leading Lead-to-Account Matching.

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Go-To-Market Analytics

How do you tell if things are going as planned or where you need to adjust? Leave no stone unturned to hyper-optimize your selling motions. With LeanData’s Attribution product you always know which investments and touches are bearing fruit and which ones need to be redirected.


Inaccurate marketing attribution results in wasted campaign spend.

LeanData is driving a major foundational shift in how we prove marketing’s revenue contributions, fine-tune our spend, and make a case for an increased marketing budget.

Dave AndersonVP of Global Marketing

Get true insights on each of your marketing campaigns, with metrics that both sales and marketing can understand.

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Seamless Connections With Your Tech Stack

Accelerate revenue with an interconnected ecosystem using Matching, Routing, and Flowbuilder integrations.


Software that doesn’t work with you, works against you.

The LeanData-G2 Crowd integration helps our reps know which of their target accounts are now in advanced stages of research and consideration. We use it as a strong influencer in how we pursue these accounts.

Tod McCormickCRO

Accelerate revenue with a growing ecosystem of matching and routing integrations.

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Insights from LeanData

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