TOPO Summit

The Top 3 TOPO Takeaways

Photo credit: TOPO Whew. Another year, another TOPO Summit. And with it, another incredible slate of great speakers and interesting takeaways. This year, conversations about account-based strategies and storytelling continued, and as always, sales and marketing alignment continued to dominate the chats we had in hallways, power lunches, and those scant seconds between panels. We’re […]

LeanData Launches Next Generation Routing with Insights

LeanData CEO Evan Liang will make an exciting announcement next week as part of the annual Dreamforce extravaganza. We’re unveiling Routing with Insights, a lead-and-contact distribution solution that’s part of our expanding Demand Management Suite. Routing forms the core of every B2B company’s Demand Management strategy. It’s vital for businesses to immediately distribute incoming leads […]