How LeanData is perfect for the Demand Unit Waterfall

The spring conference blitz recently wrapped up with the annual SiriusDecisions Summit in Las Vegas, and I finally had time to sit down and gather my thoughts about this year’s summit. This being SiriusDecisions Summit, the new and improved Demand Unit Waterfall was of course the highlight of the show. But while some organizations, including […]

Marketing Nation 2018: Marketing consolidation and more

Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit continues to be one of the premiere marketing events of the year, and for good reason: it’s always full of great insights, interesting speakers and, of course, MarTech buzz. This year, we had quite a few conversations about ABM—as always—but other topics reverberated through the hallways, too. From AI to sales […]

LeanData’s ready for GDPR

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a European privacy law that sets a high standard for privacy and compliance, will go into effect. If you’re a marketer, you already know about this. But you might be wondering how LeanData is handling this situation. Good news: we’ve been preparing for GDPR compliance […]

Marketing attribution: see when you succeed (or don’t)

Marketing attribution isn’t just for marketing’s benefit. In today’s sales and marketing landscape, attribution tends to be an isolated marketing exercise, with KPIs, processes and results confined to and developed in the marketing organization. Consequently, that means sales often distrusts marketing-generated leads, and has to do some digging of its own for the full picture […]