LeanData Launches Next Generation Routing with Insights

LeanData CEO Evan Liang will make an exciting announcement next week as part of the annual Dreamforce extravaganza. We’re unveiling Routing with Insights, a lead-and-contact distribution solution that’s part of our expanding Demand Management Suite. Routing forms the core of every B2B company’s Demand Management strategy. It’s vital for businesses to immediately distribute incoming leads […]

The Funnel is Dead. Long Live the Funnel.

A common metaphor used to describe the relationship between sales and marketing teams at B2B companies is the relay race. Marketing goes first, building brand awareness and generating demand. Then, there’s a handoff. The baton is passed to sales. Well, instead of a baton, it’s a bucket of leads. Sales works them into closed deals. […]

Build a Killer Sales Development Machine with Data

Trish Bertuzzi is a Sales Development expert who specializes in helping B2B tech companies identify costly problems in their revenue-generation process — and then she fixes them. Bertuzzi likes to say that the No. 1 lever you can pull to boost Sales Development Rep productivity is data. But there’s a problem. “Data isn’t this bright, […]

Ops-Stars: The Place to Be for Sales and Marketing Operations

Why Ops-Stars? Good question. And it’s one that deserves a thoughtful answer. There are plenty of great conferences each year that compete for the attention of busy B2B professionals. Does the business world really need another one? The short answer: yes. LeanData created Ops-Stars to fill an underserved niche. This event is focused specifically on Sales […]