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LeanData Adds Muscle to Marketo Accelerate Ecosystem as a Strategic Partner

/in News/Sudipto Ghosh

MarTech 150 RADAR Company, LeanData, has announced today they had joined the Marketo Accelerate ecosystem as a strategic partner. LeanData’s integration with the Marketo Engagement Platform will empower high-growth companies to streamline the buying experience and accelerate revenue.

The Monday Stack: LeanData Found the Right Pain Points

/in News/Kim Davis

LeanData, the Sunnyvale-based demand management specialists, last week announced a significant product milestone: 70 "high growth customers" have now adopted their Marketing Attribution product.

Significant? Yes, because — curiously — attribution wasn't what LeanData originally set out to do, as CEO and co-founder Evan Liang explained to me. It's an instructive journey.

How Your Data Can Connect You to the Right Customers

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LeanData's Co-Founder and CEO, Evan Liang, sharing insights on how sales and marketing teams can leverage data to connect the right customers