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It’s pretty clear: if you make your sales funnel more efficient, then you make money more efficiently.

But the road to get there is easier said than done.

Businesses strive to bring efficiency into their sales funnels, but often fall short with long sales cycles and unaligned sales and marketing teams.

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So how do you speed up your funnel?

New technologies that connect leads to accounts and provide context for your data speed up your buying cycle and give you the information you need to make deals faster.

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You just have to make sure you’re choosing the right tech — and making the right moves.

Technology and data clearly play a critical role, but the human element can’t be ignored. Sales and marketing teams need to work in tandem as a single revenue-focused unit in order to perform at their best.

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These are just a taste of the highlights we discovered in

Aberdeen Group’s New Report

“The Efficient Sales Funnel: Shorten the Path from Lead  to Revenue.”

It’s a new research report that shows you how to achieve an efficient sales funnel, with quantitative data points and recommendations, including how to:

Achieve best-in-class lead assignment

Increase visibility between sales and marketing

Invest in the right technology to help

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