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Webinar: Why Cleaning Your CRM Won’t Work – New Revelations on Dirty Databases

We know you have dirty data in your database. Learn why dirty data stays dirty and what to do about it in our 30-min webinar.

You’re a diligent ops person–you’ve standardized list uploads, run regular cleaning schedules, educated Sales and Marketing about field management. However, you’re still going to find that you have dirty data lurking in your database. This 30-min webinar will teach you how to work around dirty data and learn to love your database.

On-Demand Webinars

Build a Killer Sales Development Machine with Data

Trish Bertuzzi – President & Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group, Inc.
Kael Kelly – VP of Marketing, Demand Generation at Avalara
Christine Maxey – Director of Solutions Consulting at LeanData

Sales Ops Edge - Strategic Lead Routing

Christine Maxey, Director of Enterprise Solutions at LeanData, Josh Davis, Sales Ops Manager at Kount, Travic Henry, Marketing Development Manager at Bluewolf

The State of Lead Management

Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst at TOPO, and Ashwath Kakhandiki, VP of Marketing at LeanData

Building a Winning Account-Based Stack

As sales and marketing solutions flood the marketplace, technology stacks have become more complex and fragile. But the best solutions seamlessly complement one another to drive even greater value for customers. Join Infer and LeanData for “Building a Winning Account-Based Stack” as we demonstrate how sales and marketing Leaders can strategically incorporate AI and Predictive Analytics with Lead Routing to power a data-driven account-based strategy.

How Glint Drives Success with Lead Routing and Funnel Metrics

In this 30-minute webinar, Glint Chief Marketing Officer Jim Bell explains how FunnelWise and LeanData are essential to his team’s revenue-generation efforts.

Bell will be joined by FunnelWise Founder and CEO Matt Ostanik and LeanData Director of Enterprise Solutions Christine Maxey as they explain how combining the power of lead routing and funnel metrics maximizes the value of marketing efforts.

Sales Operations Fireside Chat - A Tale of Three Sales Processes

Brian Birkett, VP of Sales with LeanData
David Aguilar, Sales Operations Director with Invoca
Brian Belli, Sales Ops Lead with DataFox

Account-Based Sales Development - How Namely doubled their SDR team to scale sales

Chris Flores, Manager, Inside Sales with Namely
Jason Feng, Marketing Analyst with Namely
Adam New-Waterson, CMO with LeanData

Pioneering Account-Based Sales Development

Adam New-Waterson, CMO with LeanData
Lars Nilsson, VP Global Inside Sales with Cloudera

Launch of LeanData Clarity

Adam New-Waterson, CMO with LeanData

Prospecting - Balancing Personalization and Scale

Adam New-Waterson, CMO with LeanData
Pouyan Salehi, CEO and Co-founder with PersistIQ
Heather R Morgan, CEO with Salesfolk

Confessions of Former Lead Marketers About the Move to Account-Based Marketing

Convert Your Marketing Automation to an Account Based Nurturing Machine