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With CRM assignment rules, routing leads can be slow and inaccurate. Research suggests as many as 1 in 4 leads get assigned to the wrong rep. With LeanData Routing, anyone can build, track and update complex routing flows on the fly.

Design CRM routing in a visual interface

GE Digital reduced the average lead response time from over 10 days down to 3.

LeanData has a spectacular routing solution that makes it so much easier to set up, manage and remove the manual effort that had been done by the reps.

Pat OldenburgSenior Director, Digital Marketing & Operations ServiceMax, from GE Digital

Use LeanData’s unique drag-and-drop interface to build complex routing flows for leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. Increase speed-to-lead and realize the full value of your data.

Functionality to meet your business needs

ON24 improved sales team efficiency by 10x and reduced sales cycle by 3 weeks.

We can seamlessly route our hottest leads in real-time, accelerate the buying journey and understand which of our tactics are having the greatest impact.

Joe HylandChief Marketing Officer ON24

LeanData adjusts to your go-to-market strategy, not vice versa. From round robin to territory-based distribution, routing has you covered.

For once, routing is as easy as it sounds. No more assignment rules or custom code: LeanData Routing is simple and easy to use.

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