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Lead2Account Matching Engine

LeanData’s data algorithm, the Lead2Account matching engine, has been perfected over the past three years to work inside Salesforce.com. We use multiple fields of criteria to determine matches, rather than relying on simplistic, single-field matching using solely company name or email domain matching. We associate leads to accounts, pass account details back to the leads, so you can use the information in your marketing automation platform. Now you have the power to create nearly any report across any campaign, lead, account, contact, and opportunity objects.

Uncover hidden sales

Make sure you never miss an important client touchpoint while knowing everything going on in your target account. With LeanData, you immediately see inbound leads that match existing target accounts and opportunities. Sales reps can then act faster to requests from named accounts.

Spend time selling, not searching

It’s expensive and inefficient to have your frontline reps search, match, and convert leads. Up to 75% of your inbound leads can be matched to existing companies in your CRM system. LeanData will identify matches and automate lead processing so you can focus on account-based sales and increase your selling time.

Account-Based Marketing Trailblazers

Drive traction in both existing accounts as well as to net new leads. This will ensure campaigns are truly focused on the right accounts with the right message. While sourcing new deals is important, marketing should be able to show campaign touches for existing customers and active opportunities.

We’re on Salesforce.com AppExchange

As an AppExchange partner, we’ll be sure to keep you up to speed on any Salesforce.com updates that affect our product and services.